Geomagic Piano

Achieve a New Level of Artistry and Design

Geomagic Piano provides a variety of advanced digital tools that mirror the traditional dental restoration workflow while enabling dental technicians to apply their expertise

and artistry with greater precision and flexibility.

Copings, bridge frameworks and dental restorations can be automatically created in a few simple steps. A virtual wax-knife tool allows further refinement to achieve

a perfect fit to the margin line of the prepared tooth and to the adjacent and antagonist teeth.

Custom implant abutments can be designed using either offset or reduction methods to provide the perfect fit and angle between the implant and final restoration.

Customizable to Meet Various Requirements

Featuring a built-in development platform, Geomagic Piano can be customized to create best-in-class turnkey CAD/CAM solutions. By leveraging Geomagic Piano

technology and the Geomagic Agile Platform, dental equipment manufacturers can create a development framework that expedites time-to-market and permits

the integration of legacy systems with leading-edge technology. Geomagic Piano‚Äôs open platform enables immediate interoperability with imaging and manufacturing

systems to provide a standardized software interface designed specifically for the dental restoration workflow.

Setting New Standards in Dental Patient Care

Geomagic software seamlessly integrates the entire workflow; from scanning to digital restoration, from design to production. Our team of experts are accessible every step

of the way. Partnering with us means leveraging our expertise in dental CAD/CAM to achieve the ultimate in quality dental practices and patient care.