Digital Diagnostic Model Archiving

Dental study casts form an essential part of patient records for treatment planning, diagnostic, and legal purposes. The storage of study casts can pose major problems due to the inconvenience and cost of mass storage.

3dO Medical has acquired an innovative and proven technique for archiving dental study casts and storing the data in digital format in three dimensions.

This method fulfils the following criteria:

  • Accurate storage of three-dimensional information that describes dental study casts in an inexpensive technique to record dental casts.

  • Data can safely be stored in patient case notes, on office, personal or remote computers.

  • Reconstruction of a real physical study cast can readily be fabricated if needed.

  • Measurements can easily be assessed for diagnostic purposes.

  • Additionally, it should also solve the financial implications encountered with mass study cast storage.

Three-dimensional capture of dental study casts could be a useful method for clinical auditing of the achieved results in orthodontic and orthognathic surgery.

This digital capture will help monitor the immediate pos-treatment results and will help assess the stability of the results. The technique facilitates easy communication between centers and specialists, particularly in cases that require multi disciplinary treatment modalities.